Rhodes for the feast of the Holy Spirit!

Rhodes for the feast of the Holy Spirit!

4 days, 21-24 June, from 285€/person

Every year thousands of visitors from all parts of the world visit this beautiful island to enjoy the sea, nature and the countless attractions of the island. Many myths have been associated with the creation of Rhodes. According to Pindar, when Zeus prevailed over the Giants, he decided to divide the land among the Olympian Gods. The Sun, however, was missing from the division and was left without an earth. Jupiter, in order not to do him an injustice, said that they should redo the division, but the Sun then said that the land that would rise from the sea when it rose the next morning would be his. Thus a beautiful and green island, Rhodes, emerged. The sun, enthralled by its beauty, bathed it with its rays. Since then Rhodes has been the island of the Sun, the brightest and shiniest.


Day 1: Symi – Panormitis
The island is enchanting from the very first moment the boat approaches the port of Gialos as the traditional mansions spread amphitheatrically up to the top of the hill of the Castle. A visit to the Holy Monastery of Panormitos Symi, the patron saint of the Dodecanese and protector of sailors and sponge workers, Archangel Michael Panormitis is revered by the Samians and Dodecanese all over the world. His monastery, located in the bay of Panormos in Symi, from where it takes its nickname, has become a national pilgrimage site. Tour the monastery’s building complex, which strengthened the Greek Revolution and has 2 museums, the folklore museum and the museum of ecclesiastical art. Symi is famous for its cosmopolitan air and impressive architecture, as it is full of colourful neoclassical buildings. It is rich in cultural attractions and its beaches are considered among the most beautiful in the Dodecanese. Duration of the trip 1,5 hours.

Day 2: Halki ((ECO ISLAND of Greece)
Halki is becoming a model island of energy, green and sustainable development. Energy autonomy, digital innovation, eco-mobility, increased use of renewable energy sources, transport electrification. The verses from Ithaca, Cavafy’s landmark poem, accompany our minds as we approach the port of Halki, both because we are seeing its dazzling beauty for the first time and because this journey was never planned. “You never get a second chance to make a first impression,” the English say, and it seems that Halki fully embraces this, seducing the travellers who arrive on floats ripping through the deep blue waters, as its colourful body of two and three-storey, tile-roofed houses stands up from the hill to the sea. Everyone rushes to photograph it. No one resists her. Strolling around the beautiful settlement, a result of the economic boom that the island experienced in the middle of the 19th century due to trade, you can’t help but admire the neoclassical architecture. The castle makes its presence felt in this place of observation. As you stroll through the imposing silence of the castle’s history, don’t pass the ruined church of Agios Nikolaos, as frescoes dating between the 15th and 17th centuries can still be seen. It is aimed at travellers seeking tranquillity and elegance. Duration of the journey: approximately 1 hour from Kameiros and 1,5 hour from town.

Day 3: Castellorizo
Our famous island is considered one of the most beautiful in the Mediterranean. The dreamy atmosphere, the money in the whole spectrum of blue and blue, 19th century houses make the island stay forever in the mind of the visitor. Visit the blue cave with stalactite decoration,the 18th century mosque ,the metropolitan church of Constantine and Helen. Feel national emotion on the islet of the Lady of Ro. In the harbour there are only two houses for farmers, the chapel of Agios Georgios and the monument of the Lady of Ro, Despina Achladiotou who lived here and every morning she raised the Greek flag. Duration of the trip 3-5 hours depending on the itinerary.

Day 4: Rhodes – Thessaloniki  Return flight
We return after a magical trip to the island of the Knights with the best memories and having lived exciting experiences!

What is included:

  • Flight tickets with Aegean Airlines/ Olympic Air.
  • Accommodation (3 nights) at the hotel of your choice.
  • Meals depending on the hotel of your choice.
  • 1 suitcase 23 kg, 1 hand luggage up to 8 kg and 1 personal item.
  • Travel insurance.
  • VAT.

Not included:

  • Airport taxes 45€ /person.
  • Anything optional or suggested.
  • Municipal Taxes (Resilience Fees).


Hotel Location: Athena Hotel
Non Ref price 345€ / Regular price 365€
Child up to 12 years old Non Ref price 235€ / Regular price 255€
Single price Non Ref 375€ / Regular price 425€

Airline: Aegean Airlines
Thessaloniki-Rhodes 14.05 -15.20, Rhodes-Thessaloniki 16.00 – 17.10

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