Our philosophy

At TRAVELLERS CLUB we believe that travelling is more than a destination. It consists of refreshing life experiences, which broaden our perspective and develop our personality.


To people, nature, culture. So we can suggest the best,
for you to get the most of your travelling.


Regarding the services we offer. We recommend programmes
and services by partners we trust.


When it comes to controlling, informing and
successfully processing your plans and activities.


Vasiliki Mavrou

Your tour and cruise expert!

The founder of TRAVELLERS CLUB, Vasiliki Mavrou, born in Kavala, is a tourism professional since 2003.

She has been in the field of tourism by choice. During her career path she has worked for important companies in hospitality, tour operator, airline and cruise companies. While cruising, she has been organising the most diverse and interesting excursions!

A speaker of foreign languages, she speaks English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German and un peu de français!

Graduate of Corporate Restructuring Strategy by the Greek Open University, holding a Master of Arts in International Tourism Development by London Metropolitan University, UK and Tourism and Hospitality Management Degree, of A.T.E.I. in Thessaloniki, Greece.

Her love for travelling and the wealth of knowledge that people gain from it, urged Vasiliki to create this travel agency. Its main focus is on providing services for travellers. Those of you who seek a holiday experience which, by the end of it, will have gifted you with relaxation, energy, mental uplift and a great wealth of images and new experiences. A holiday break so full, with many stories to tell upon return!