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In this part you will find one day tours out of Kavala, specially designed to offer you a short and pleasant break from everyday routine. Also, half day tours within the city, especially designed for our guests.


2-7 day out of town getaways for relaxation, change of scenery and exploration. Discover a new place, its beauties, try the local cuisine, or even return to an old favourite place, seen from a different point of view. Remember take plenty of photographs!


A cruise is a unique experience, complete in every sense! While you sail, transportation, accommodation, meals, excursions, entertainment, all have been taken care of. You only need to bring out your best spirit and appetite for exploration!


Individual accommodation reservations in accredited establishments can be arranged in Greece and abroad. The safety of our travellers is our priority.

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Do you need an airplane ticket, a ferry ticket, rental car or motorbike? We can assist you in organising your transportation in the best and most efficient way.


Travelling adjusted to you your own special requirements! Especially designed plans for travellers – explorers in Spain, Portugal, Cuba. Suggestions for Luxury, Wellness, Food, LGBT friendly hotels.


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10 tips for your cruise embarkation day.

The day of embarkation is both exciting and overwhelming, which can lead to some potential mistakes. Here are 10 tips to help you on your first cruise. 1. Do the Muster Drill. All cruise passengers are required to complete their muster drill before sail away. In addition to that, most cruise lines require passengers to […]

10 great reasons to get married on a cruise!

So you’re getting married, but instead of basking in the happiness and excitement of your big day, you’re stressing out over the what, where and when of how it will all come together. This might be a good time to ponder a sun-soaked beach ceremony, to think about exchanging vows in an exotic destination or […]

Passport colours and their meaning.

How are passport colours chosen and what do they mean? Blue, red (burgundy), green and black, these are the colours of passports in the world, at least the colors that dominate. If you had never thought of the reason why passports have different colours and are now intrigued, the list below will provide the answer. […]

What is included in a cruise?

Dear readers, what is and what does a cruise include? A cruise, is a sea leisure trip with a cruise ship and specific itinerary. It combines the visit of multiple interesting coastal cities and ports, with the onboard hotel accommodation, special services and various activities at sea. A cruise may last from 1 day, to […]

Cruise! Why choose one for my holidays?

Dear readers, cruising is much more than a vacation trip. It is a complete experience! Something that is unforgettable for the traveller. It includes everything a person needs during a holiday break, to feel refreshed and enjoy a good time. Transportation, meals, entertainment, all have been taken care of by travel and hospitality top professionals. […]


Welcome to the TRAVELLERS CLUB blog! Your tour & cruise expert! Excursions, trips, cruises and hotel and ticket reservations. The travel agency located in the city centre of the city of Kavala is to assist all those of you who believe that travelling is a wholistic experience. Let’s explore something new then! In this part […]

The benefits of travelling on mental health. How we are taught respect.

In an effort to write about the benefits of travelling on mental health, I came across a very interesting article and wished to share it with you. According to emotionalintelligence.gr, pausing from everyday life regularity and predictability, as well as periodically removing the repetitive pattern of a routine are a necessity for good mental health. […]

Dedicated to all travellers

Ithaka – by C. P. Cavafy – translated by Edmund Keeley As you set out for Ithaka hope your road is a long one, full of adventure, full of discovery. Laistrygonians, Cyclops, angry Poseidon—don’t be afraid of them: you’ll never find things like that on your way as long as you keep your thoughts raised […]