The benefits of travelling on mental health. How we are taught respect.

In an effort to write about the benefits of travelling on mental health, I came across a very interesting article and wished to share it with you. According to, pausing from everyday life regularity and predictability, as well as periodically removing the repetitive pattern of a routine are a necessity for good mental health.

Travel evolves our creativity. New images, faces, experiences and environmental stimuli, create new synapses and make us more creative. In this way, our focus on the here and now is cultivated, the conscious knowledge of our thoughts, feelings and bodily senses, as well as the environment around us.

The arising need to adapt to new conditions makes us more receptive. This adjustment makes us less responsive to daily changes and increases emotional stability. By taking a trip, we stop experiencing the stress of everyday life and the positive effects of travelling are apparent before, during and after the trip.

Research suggests that, when we enter a different cultural context, our personal identity, values, beliefs are strengthened and our self-confidence is improved. We are freed from egocentrism and from a limited perspective, as our understanding is increased.

By travelling, we are taught respect, because we realize that we are not alone, but on the contrary, we are a part of the map of a colourful, multifaceted and multidimensional world.

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