What is included in a cruise?

Dear readers, what is and what does a cruise include?

A cruise, is a sea leisure trip with a cruise ship and specific itinerary. It combines the visit of multiple interesting coastal cities and ports, with the onboard hotel accommodation, special services and various activities at sea. A cruise may last from 1 day, to 3,4,7,14 days, up to some months (world cruises).

Throughout the cruise, the Master, officers and crew ensure your safe transport. The travellers visit the destinations without having to drive or use a ferry or air connection. Thus, they are more relaxed and stress free.

A wide variety of meals is included. All prepared by professional Chefs and cooking teams. You do not need to worry about your everyday meals, or the cost of them. And you know something? The food on board is unlimited! You can eat as much as you want, as many times as you want!

There are organized excursions in each port of call. You have the opportunity to visit new, different places. In addition, the organized excursions (participation is optional) offer everyone the opportunity to see something new and to enrich their knowledge with the help of local professional guides.

There is evening entertainment on board, as well as other fun activities, organized for all travellers. And the best; It’s free! You can attend a pool party, games for the young and young in mind, venues with live music and shows!

After all, the price of a cruise that includes all of the above is considered a most cost-effective way to get around many places, using high quality services. What do you say; Let’s go!