Adrianople (Edirne) Day Trip

One-day trip to Adrianople!
Date: June 8th, 2024.
Price per person: 25€

Adrianople (Edirne)!

.Adrianople (Turkish: Edirne “Edirne”) is a historic city in present-day Turkey, in Eastern Thrace, very close to the borders with Greece and Bulgaria. It was founded by Orestes in mythology and was named Orestiada. It was renamed Adrianople by Emperor Hadrian. It was the third capital of the Ottoman Empire from 1363 to 1453, before Constantinople became the fourth and final capital of the empire. It became a major centre of Hellenism with a significant contribution to the Greek Revolution of 1821. Today it is the capital of the province of the same name.


Meeting at 5.00 in the morning from our Municipal Garden.
Crossing the border and arrival in Adrianople.
There we will have free time to get to know the area.
Return from Adrianople around 17.00 in the afternoon.
Border control and return to our city.
For your participation you need an ID card of the last 15 years.


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