Glamping all year round!

Glamping all year round!

Glamorous Camping, eco – friendly accommodation.

Short getaways in unique accommodation, harmonized with nature.

The term “glamping” means the experience of luxury accommodation in nature, in tourist accommodation in the countryside erected in off-plan areas and include different types of accommodation in structures gently harmonized with the natural environment, combining high aesthetics and the provision of upgraded services.

The luxurious version of camping, invites you to experience the special stay, combined with a trip to nature.

Certain glamping sites offer remote work / teleworking services. Ask us!
Information on availability and prices at TRAVELLERS CLUB, Amynta 12, Kavala, tel: 2516 007192 and at

BUBBLE TENTS accommodation:

A luxury bubble camp in Halkidiki Greece !!!!
Bubble Tents is a unique luxurious experience, sleeping under the stars with all the conforts of a hotel. Bubble Tents is an eco resort camp , establised on top of a hill between hundrents of olive trees with view of the Aegean sea and the village of New Moudania . Bubble tents offer privacy, they do not contact each other and have private parking and garden per suite. All-year operation.
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A unique, luxurious shelter, the Tree House and Hani Agramada, is an escape, not just a vacation. Specially designed to offer moments harmonized with nature and consructed with local origin materials only. At the foot of a hillside, outside a picturesque village of Halkidiki, Xani Agramada offers the perfect location for summer and winter excursions. Walking trails, local taverns and places of historical interest (20 minutes from Aristotle’s birthplace), and only 15 minutes distance from the nearest beaches. Hani Agramada offers the opportunity to explore everything that Halkidiki has to offer. Annual operation.


SURF CLUB KEROS accommodation:

Safari Tent

Dare to choose the road less driven. Stay in the heart of a Natura 2000 protected ecosystem, feel the surroundings and let the energy flow within. Spoil yourself with every amenity that modern hospitality has to offer. Enjoy the panoramic view of Keros Beach in Lemnos, from your private veranda and stargaze the dark night sky. Stroll a five minutes walk to one of the best windsurfing and kitesurfing spots in the world. Sleep close to nature, rest without making any compromises and heal physically and emotionally under the Greek summer sun, the Meltemi trade winds and the whisper of Aegean sea. Seasonal operation.


Information on availability and prices at TRAVELLERS CLUB, Amynta 12, Kavala, tel: 2516 007192 and at

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